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Engineered for your Success

Headhunter Bow Strings is the premier Original Equipment Manufacturer of precision bowstrings.  For over 28 years, our singular focus has been to engineer and produce the finest strings available to meet your needs and specifications.  With over 12 million bow strings produced, we are confident we can enhance the performance of your bows.  You make the finest bows in the market.  We make the finest strings and cables. Let’s meet.  Reach out and let us provide you a comprehensive comparison and quote.  No Strings Attached.  Headhunter Bow Strings – Engineered for your success.

The Headhunter Difference

Headhunter Bow Strings has been making cables and strings for bows and crossbows for over 25 years. We opened our first facility in 1991 in the town of Meeker, Colorado. In 2011, we opened our second facility in Milton, Wisconsin to accommodate the rapidly growing company. Having produced over 12 million bow strings, we are the world’s largest independent bow string manufacturer. We design, engineer, and produce strings and cables for the horizontal and vertical bow market.  It is our singular focus.  It is all we do, and we do it very well.  We only supply product to OEM’s that are building bows and crossbows. We do not supply dealers or individual archers. We are committed to providing world class products that will enhance the performance of your bows. Headhunter Bow Strings’ sole focus is producing the world’s best strings and cables. This allows our customers to focus on their core competency of making the world’s best bows and crossbows.


Headhunter Bow Strings assures that every string and cable you receive will meet your demanding specifications. Our strings are built with state of the art technology which we personally designed and engineered based on our 25+ years of experience. This equipment enables us to provide strings and cables at exceptional quality levels, quickly, efficiently and consistently. We utilize lean six sigma and poka yoke practices to prevent potential quality issues. We work with our customers to develop inspection and validation systems which eliminate the need for incoming inspections. Ultimately, this allows them to focus on the more value-added activities in their processes. Headhunter Bow String’s high-quality focus and over 25 years of experience guarantees that our strings and cables will work flawlessly on your product.

State of the art technology

25+ years experience

Exceptional quality levels

Quick, efficient and consistent

Made in the U.S.A.

100% of Headhunter cables and strings are made in the USA. All of our strings and cables are made in our two manufacturing facilities in Meeker, Colorado and Milton, Wisconsin. We do not subcontract any of our work offshore. On the contrary, we annually ship hundreds of thousands of strings and cables overseas to Asia and other markets on behalf of our clients. Our customers choose to partner with Headhunter because they know they are getting the highest quality strings, utilizing the best materials, and state of the art manufacturing processes available today.


You don’t need to go offshore to get competitively priced strings and cables. In the 25+ years that we have been making strings and cables, we have leaned out our processes to remove waste and loss and as the world’s largest independent string manufacturer, Headhunter Bow Strings is able to maximize efficiencies in raw material purchases. Partnering with our customers through blanket purchase orders and VMI delivery enables us to optimize production set ups and scheduling. Our state-of-the-art production equipment allows us to produce high-quality strings and cables faster than anyone else in the market. With two facilities in the United States, we are able to cut down lead times and reduce our partner’s time to market.  All of these efforts allow Headhunter Bow Strings to provide you with world class strings and cables at competitive prices. In fact, our prices are so competitive, we sell hundreds of thousands of strings and cables each year throughout Asia. We can offer high volume lead times that our competitors simply cannot match. Having two plants also provides you with a robust disaster recovery plan. No other string and cable manufacturer can offer that.

Competitive pricing

High volume lead times

Worlds largest independent string manufacturer

Max efficiencies in raw material purchases

More than just a pretty color

We are not simply a custom string and cable maker that can provide you with pretty colors. Anyone can build you a 60” string with a 4” center serving. Utilizing Solidworks, Headhunter works with your engineers to design loops and servings that custom fit your cams to extend shooting life. We partner with OEM’s and supply their high-volume production needs. We produce millions of strings and cables a year and have the capacity to meet 100% of your string and cable requirements. If you are a bow manufacturer, why use your cash to carry string and cable inventory when Headhunter will do it for you? Let us manage your inventory through our JIT (just in time delivery) or VMI (vendor managed inventory) programs. Spend your time and resources focusing on your core competencies and let Headhunter Bow Strings take care of all your string and cable needs.