Headhunter Bow Strings

Headhunter Bow Strings has been making cables and strings for bows and crossbows for over 25 years since opening its first facility in 1991 in Meeker, Colorado. In 2011, we opened our second facility in Milton, Wisconsin to handle our growth. We are the world’s largest independent bow string manufacturer. We only supply the OEM’s that are building bows and crossbows. We do not supply dealers or individual archers. We are committed to providing world class products by always building superior quality strings at a competitive price.

Core Competency

Making strings and cables is all we do. We don’t have an archery shop or make arrow rests or clothes and make strings on the side. Headhunter Bow Strings’ sole focus is producing the world’s best strings and cables. This allows our customers to focus on their core competency of making the world’s best bows and crossbows.

How We Are Different

We have unparalleled capacity.


We have manufacturing facilities in Meeker, Colorado and Milton, Wisconsin. With the addition of the Milton facility, we have increased our capacity even more and can offer high volume lead times that our competitors cannot match. Having two plants also provides you with a robust disaster recovery plan. No other string and cable manufacturer can offer that.

We are not a custom string and cable maker. We partner with OEM’s and supply their high volume production needs. We have produced millions of strings and cables and have the capacity to meet 100% of your string and cable requirements. Let us manage your inventory through our JIT (just in time delivery) or VMI (vendor managed inventory) programs.